Processo Seletivo - Vagas Remanescentes

Programa de Mestrado Profissional em Práticas Institucionais em Saúde Mental


Academic Year 2024 (first semester)

The Stricto Sensu Graduate Program in Institutional Practices in Mental Health, at the Professional Master's level, announces the opening of registration for the selection of candidates to fill 6 remaining vacancies for the first semester of the 2024 school year, from December 15 to January 26, 2024.

Application will be made online only.

The candidate must submit the following documents:

  1. Copy of ID card or other identification document with national validity, for Brazilian candidates;
  2. Copy of birth or marriage certificate;
  3. Copy of CPF;
  4. Copy of academic transcript of the undergraduate course(s);
  5. Copy of graduation diploma from a course recognized by MEC;
  6. Documented curriculum vitae (preferably Lattes, from CNPq);
  7. Project Intent Form, available on the Program's website, under Selection Process, fully completed and signed.
  8. Application fee of R$ 45.00 (*);
  9. Copy of the proof of payment of the registration fee.
  10. Foreign candidates must also submit:

  11. Copy of the National Registry of Foreigners (RNE) or document proving regular permanence in Brazil;
  12. CELPE-BRAS certificate of proficiency in Portuguese ( The exam registration protocol can be accepted.
  13. Candidates who attended undergraduate courses at foreign institutions must submit the following documents:

  14. Copy of the school transcript and degree course diploma duly revalidated, according to the legislation in force, except in the case of international agreements, provided they are incorporated by Brazil.

(*) The registration fee must be paid through a bank slip generated at the end of the online registration form.
The bank slip cannot be paid at UNIP's treasury. If there is any issue generating or paying the bank slip, please contact the Program Secretary.

Candidates must send digital copies of the documents, in PDF format, to the e-mail: Only legible, original-sized copies will be accepted.
In case of approval in the selection process, all documents must have their originals presented at the time of enrollment.

Applications with partial delivery of documentation or illegible documents that do not strictly comply with the provisions of this Tender Protocol will not be accepted.

The selection for the Professional Master in Institutional Practice in Mental Health comprises:

Stage I - Registration and Submission of Documents (Eliminatory).
The registration will only be validated upon payment of the bank slip and submission of the complete documentation by the stipulated deadline.

Stage II - Resume Analysis (Only for candidates approved in Stage I)
Analysis of Résumé (preferably Lattes résumé).
Analysis of the Project Intent Form DOC regarding:

  1. Contribution of the project to the promotion and development of mental health among the target population of the project;
  2. Adequacy of the theoretical basis of the proposed project;
  3. Ethical adequacy of the project, with regard to research with human beings;
  4. Feasibility of execution within 24 months;
  5. Availability of the suggested advisor.

Stage III - Selection Exam (Eliminatory)
Written Exam: Dissertation on a theme proposed in the exam, based on the recommended bibliography.
Individual interview with each candidate.

From December 15, 2023, to January 26, 2024

February 01, 2024 (Thursday), starting at 2:00 PM – Announcement of candidates approved for Stage III.

February 03, 2024 (Saturday), starting at 8:30 AM – Written Test and Interview

IMPORTANT: The written test and interview will be carried out in person at the premises of the UNIP Campus in Ribeirão Preto/SP, - Block A - located at Avenida Carlos Consoni, 10, Jardim Canada.

If the candidate has any impediment to attend the scheduled date for the Selection Examination, please contact us by phone (16) 3602-6720 or e-mail ( to check an appointment.

February 07, 2024 (Wednesday), starting at 6:00 PM - Announcement of the approved candidates
February 08, 2024 (Thursday), at 7:00 PM - Online meeting with the approved candidates and the Program Coordinator, Prof. Dr. Paulo Eduardo Benzoni, for course presentation and general information.

NOTE: The meeting will be held by videoconference, using Microsoft Teams. The access link will be sent to those approved on February 08, 2024, starting at 10:00 a.m.

The registrations must be personally issued by the Program Secretary in the period from on February 8th and 9th, 2024, when the candidate must:

  1. Present the following original documents:
    a) Identity Card or other identification document with national validity, for Brazilian candidates;
    b) CPF;
    c) Birth or Marriage Certificate
    d) School History of the Undergraduate Course from a course recognized by MEC;
    e) Graduation Course Diploma from a course recognized by MEC, registered;
    f) 2 3x4 photographs (recent);

    Foreign candidates must also present:
    g) National Registry of Foreigners (RNE) or document proving regular stay in Brazil;
    h) CELPE-BRAS certificate of Portuguese language proficiency. The exam registration protocol can be accepted.

    Candidates who studied at foreign institutions must present the following documents:
    i) School transcript and diploma of the undergraduate course duly revalidated, according to the legislation in force, except in the case of international agreements, provided they have been incorporated by Brazil.
  2. Sign the Educational Services Contract;
  3. Choose the subjects to be taken during the semester;
  4. Withdraw the payment slip for the enrollment.

Address of the Secretariat of the Professional Master's Degree in Psychology:
Av. Carlos Consoni, 10 - Bloco B - Jardim Canadá - Ribeirão Preto/SP
Program Secretary: Jussara da Nóbrega Silva
Office Hours: Monday to Friday (except holidays), from 1 pm to 8 pm.

Day Dia 23 de fevereiro de 2024 (sexta-feira).

Successful candidates graduating from an undergraduate course at UNIP will have a 10% DISCOUNT on their monthly fees.