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Programa de Pós-Graduação Stricto Sensu em Patologia Ambiental e Experimental

Profa. Dra. Maria Anete Lallo (Coordinator)

Veterinary Physician graduated from the State University of Londrina - UEL, Specialization in Clinic and Surgery of Small Animals from the College of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science of the University of São Paulo - USP, Master’s and PhD in Experimental Epidemiology Applied Zoonosis, University of São Paulo - USP. Guiding professor and researcher of the Post-Graduate Program in Environmental and Experimental Pathology, Paulista University- UNIP. She is a member of CNPQ research groups in Clinical and Infectious Diseases (UNIP) and Biology of cell differentiation and transformation: modulation by endogenous and exogenous factors. Coordinator of the Strictu Sensu Post-Graduate Program in Environmental and Experimental Pathology, Paulista University - UNIP. Her line of research covers opportunistic and emerging protozoa, involving epidemiological, pathogenic and immunological aspects, particularly in the study of microsporidiosis in mammals, with emphasis on the parasite-host relationship.

Profa. Dra. Anuska Marcelino Álvares Saraiva Lattes CV
Prof. Dr. Eduardo Fernandes Bondan Lattes CV
Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Cristina Pérez Hurtado Lattes CV
Prof. Dr. Giovani Bravin Peres Lattes CV
Prof. Da. Ivana Barbosa Suffredini (Vice Administrative Coordinator) Lattes CV
Prof. Dr. José Guilherme Xavier Lattes CV
Prof. Dr. Leoni Villano Bonamin Lattes CV
Prof. Dr. Maria Anete Lallo (Administrative Coordinator) Lattes CV
Prof. Dr. Maria Martha Bernardi Lattes CV
Prof. Dr. Paulo Ricardo Dell'Armelina Rocha Lattes CV
Prof. Dr. Selene Dall'Acqua Coutinho Lattes CV
Prof. Dr. Thiago Berti Kirsten Lattes CV
Prof. Dr. Vicente Borelli Lattes CV


Mario Mariano ★ 22/06/1938 - ✝ 28/02/2020

Graduated in VeterinarMedicine from São Paulo University (1965), holds a master’s degree in Veterinary Clinical Surgery at São Paulo University (1966) and a Ph.D. in General Pathology from the São Paulo University (1968). Post-doctorate in Immunopathology of Inflammation, São Bartolomeu Hospital, London (1971-1973). Head Professor retired from the Department of Immunology, ICB, USP. He was a Professor at the São Paulo University, where coordenated the Post-Graduate Program Strictu Sensu in  Environmental and Experimental Pathology course, and head professor affiliated of the São Paulo Federal University. He had experience in the field of Immunology, with an emphasis on Immunopathology, working mainly on the following themes: inflammation, macrophages and B-1 cells. Recently, described a new mononuclear phagocyte derived from B-1 cell. Had motto is that ‘

In order to be accredited as a Master / Doctorate advisor and to remain in the permanent teaching staff, the teacher must submit the following minimum production, all linked to the research line (s) in which he/she operates in the Program, duly proven, within the period of 4 years, immediately prior to accreditation:

  • Prove, in the last four years, the total of at least 3 (three) publications in journals B2 or higher and at least one B1;
  • Present at least 1 (one) publication in the last four years, which characterizes the social insertion of the program (book, book chapter, didactic-pedagogical video, technical article);
  • Have four papers presented at national or international congresses in the area, with the greatest impact,
  • Be responsible for, or participate in, the research project (s).
  • Teaching at graduation.