Common Questions for Incoming students

Academic Internationalization

I am a Foreigner and want to study in Unip. What do I have to do?

University entrance at UNIP is either by means of a “vestibular exam” or a transference process. To enroll through vestibular, the candidate must check the requirements and the schedule on the following link:

In case of transferences requirements, the candidate must check the internet ( - item " Immediate transference"), by inputting his/her CPF nbr., which is why the applicant must own this document. He/she must afterwards go to the campus he/she has a preference to study in and hand in the foreign university’s Academic Transcript and Teaching Plan duly notarized by a sworn translator, together with the visa from the Brazilian consulate / embassy of the country the document was expedited. It can also be the Red Cross’ or the consulate’s/country embassy’s in Brazil. In this case, an essay in UNIP’s entrance process will be required.

In regards to the enrolment process for foreigners, the following documentation for means of verification is required:

  • Transcript and High School Certificate, together with the “Certidão de Equivalência de Estudos”, emitted by the education precinct;
  • Birth or Marriage certificates
  • RNE or temporary/permanente visa, given it is still valid;
  • CPF;
  • Proof of adress ( water, electricity or phone bill)
  • 02 3x4 photos

For enrolment in Post-Graduation Presential and Semi-presential courses, not- resident-in Brazil- foreign candidates must hand in 01 legible and notharized copy of the following documents:

  • Undergraduate diploma ( with consular authorization and sworn translation, except if the documentation is in Spanish Language);
  • Passport ( including the VISA);
  • Travel Assistance voucher, which covers medical – hospital expenses, as well as repatriation
  • One recent 3x4 photo

For Academic Exchanges, it is necessary that the university where the candidate studies makes a cooperation agreement with Universidade Paulista – UNIP.

All negotiations are handled by the Academic Internationalization Area. The Academic Internationalization/ Exchanges Department of the foreign university must contact the UNIP’s Academic Internationalization Department, by email: This way, the possibility of an International Collaboration Agreement between the two institutions can be analyzed.

Application Deadlines:
1st semester (jan - jun): November 30th
2 nd semester ( july – dec): May 30th
In case you have any doubts, please, do not hesitate to contact us.


I have received the Acceptance Letter of UNIP for the exchange. What are the next steps for obtaining the visa and the Health/ Travel Assistance voucher?


Many countries have consulates in Brazil and in São Paulo. To check if your country has a representative in the city, check the addresses and the contacts in the websites below:

After entering the country with a student visa, the foreigner must apply for the "Registro Nacional Migratório ( RNM)" - National Immigrant Register. Procedures and necessary documentation are available on Brazil's Federal Police webpage:

Health Insurance

Travel/ Health Insurance must cover all exchange period, including medical coverage in cases of sickness or accident, medical or funeral repatriation, and personal accidents. It must also cover transport costs in case of decease abroad.

Health Insurance
Assistence Service Value ( dollars)
Medical Assistance ( Personal accidents) US$100.000
Medical Assistance (sickness) US$100.000
Pharmaceutical Care YES
Health Transport YES
Medical / Sanitary Repatriation YES
Body Removal YES
Funeral Repatriation YES
Accidental Death YES
Total/Partial Permanent Disability by accident YES
Baggage loss YES
Practice of Sports Coverage YES

International disciplines offered in Regular courses

Subjects of Law course offered in English:
  • Communication and Expression
  • Philosophy of Law
  • Social Science
  • Political Science
  • Law and Globalization
Subjects of Law course offered in English:
  • Eletric Machines
  • Power Systems