Laboratory of Production and Environment



The Environment and Production Laboratory (LaProMA) offers support infrastructure to the Production Engineering Graduate Program of Universidade Paulista. The group of Research Line Cleaner Production and Industrial Ecology develops its academic activities in the laboratory, advising students of the Graduate Program (master and doctoral level) and conducting research in the following themes: Cleaner Production, Industrial Ecology and Sustainability Indicators.


The Environment and Production Laboratory normally works with scientific initiation students, masters and doctorate course students and post-doctorate. Currently, the Laboratory is offering positions on all the levels. The projects in which the students are able to develop their research activities are:

Concentration Area: Sustainability in Production Systems

Research Line: Advances in Cleaner Production and Industrial Ecology

  1. Cleaner production and sustainable development: environmental accounting
  2. Production, product and sustainable consumption: evaluation strategies
  3. Energy-environmental evaluation of production systems utilizing the systemic approach
  4. Industrial ecology: concepts and tools for engineering and management of sustainability
  5. Evaluation and application of eco-indicators for sustainable development
  6. Industrial ecology: Application of concepts aiming at sustainability


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