Programa de Pós-Graduação Stricto Sensu em Comunicação

Prof. Dr. Antônio Adami

He is interested in the production and radiophonic memory in Brazil and in Europe, particularly Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany. The current research project is "Radio and Conflict: Constitutionalist Revolution in Brazil, in the Vargas Era (1932), Salazar's Rise in Portugal (1932) and Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)," in which he analyzes radio production and role played by the radio medium in times of political turbulence in the 1930s.

ARTICLE: The birth of radio in Spain. PDF
Prof. Dra. Barbara Heller

She is interested in research focused on memory, gender studies, freedom of expression and censorship, especially in contemporary times. Her current project, "Memory of the Trenches," investigates, in the light of the theory of memory scholars, the memory conceptions of authors, organizers, editors and translators of autobiographical (diary) texts to identify how they re-signify themselves in these media products.

Zuwara: imagens censuradas no Facebook (Em coautoria com PERAZZO, P. ; SOUZA, V. G. P).
Prof. Dra. Carla Montuori Fernandes

She is interested in discussions related to the field of Political Communication, highlighting the contemporary scenario, focusing on issues such as: political journalism, political parties, political advertising and electoral campaign, critical analysis of the media, spectacularization and political scandal. Her current research project is "The spectacle and media political scandal in the 2014 presidential elections and 2016 municipal elections."

ARTICLES: The setbacks of the political-media scandal in the 2014 presidential elections.
Prof. Dra. Clarice Greco Alves

She is interested in discussions about national or international television fiction, both on the part of the production and the audience. She is currently developing a project on the audiovisual adaptations of "The Phantom of the Opera" and the production of fans related to the theme. Her main research themes are: quality on TV, TV as folk art and fan studies.

ARTICLE: The Cult of On-lineFans and the Transformation of Brazil Avenue into a National Cult.
Prof. Dr. Gustavo Souza da Silva

Research the documentary, especially the Brazilian documentary, focusing on issues such as: character composition, documentary and character relationship, performance, memory and authorship. His current research project is "Trauma Narratives in Brazilian Documentary", in which he investigates narrative, discursive and aesthetic strategies in approaching traumatic situations by this filmic modality.

ARTICLE: The character in the Brazilian documentary road movie.
Prof. Dra. Heloísa de Araújo Duarte Valente

A tropical path: the soft and warm beat of the bolero: memory and nomadism of the Hispanic song in Brazil Her project "The song of the media: memory and nomadism" refers to the Hispanic song that had a wide presence in the 1940s to 1960s. The emphasis is on bolero, a genre-song that arrived in Brazil through Mexico and reverberated alongside Brazilian culture.

ARTICLE: “If this street were mine...” The role of sound and musical landscapes in political manifestations”.
Prof. Dr. Jorge Miklos

Has interest in research related to the intersection between Media, Religion and Politics in Brazil, focusing on issues such as: Religion, City and Midiatized Public Space; Media and Religious Celebrities; Religion and Cyberspace; Body, Genre and Imaginary Media; Media Christianity; Media, Religion and Politics; Rite, Consumption and Show in Times of Midiatization; Communication Processes and Religion and appropriations and uses of information and communication technologies by community and social movements that involve citizen practices related to socio-ideological dimensions such as social class, gender, ethnicity, religiosity. His current research project is: "Religious Imaginary in the Media Society”.

ARTICLE: About simulacrumThe architectural (im)potential of the technological numinous imaginary of communication technology. (In co-authoring with SOARES, L. L. S. T.).
Prof. Dra. Malena Segura Contrera

She has investigated the relations between Cultural Imaginary and Media Imaginary, situating the manifestations of the imaginary in its cultural contexts, searching for an archeology of the symbolic images. She is also interested in the dialogues between Communication and Resilience, Communication and Mimesis and Communication and Empathy, considering the phenomena that she studies from a complex and interdisciplinary perspective, in which especially the studies of Human Ethology and Deep Psychology of C.G. Jung take place. The method that has served as an epistemological basis for thinking about the investigated phenomena is Edgar Morin's Method of Complexity.

ARTICLE: The symbolic image in contemporaneity.
Prof. Dr. Mauricio Ribeiro da Silva (Coordenador)

He has as research interest the relations between image, imaginary and space, trying to understand how the forms of occupation of environments, buildings and the city are related and transformed. Lately, he has deepened the research about elements of the imaginary present in the context of the formation of images, identifying the role of archaic symbols in the contemporary context.

ARTICLE: From space to image, from image to space: about the capacity of the media image to shape the architectural form.
Prof. Paolo Demuru

He is concerned about research targeting socio-semiotics and semiotics of culture, emphasizing the political and mediatic processes and the dynamics of sociocultural identity construction via sports. His current project, "Soccer, media, and new populisms in contemporary Brazil", analyzes the dynamics of construction and consolidation of the Brazilian political scenario, with particular focus on the interactions between the media and social groups and the inter-discursive relationships involving media, politics, and soccer.

Article: The national symbols in the social and mediatic processes: a socio-semiotic analysis of the Brazilian Flag and National Anthem, from June, 2013 to our days. PDF
Profa. Dra. Simone Luci Pereira

Research and works in the interface of the fields of Communication, Music and Anthropology, with emphasis on studies on musical-media practices, consumption, urban cultures and youths; Migrations / diasporas, identities and social interactions linked to music. Her current research project analyzes alternative media musical practices of youth groups in São Paulo, where identities, urbanities and political meanings are articulated.

ARTICLE: Consumption and musical listening, identities, alterities. Reflections around the "latino" musical circuit in São Paulo / Brazil. PDF