Estrutura de Programa

Programa de Pós-Graduação Stricto Sensu em Administração

  • The student must take 06 subjects, which corresponds to 24 credits, of which:
    • 12 credits in compulsory subjects;
    • 12 credits in elective courses; or 08 credits in elective courses plus 4 credits in courses from other Stricto Sensu Programs
  • Supervision of Master's Dissertation and Qualification Exam: 16 credits
  • Article Publication: 08 credits
  • Dissertation Defense: 20 credits

Total credits for titling: 68 credits

Deadline for Obtaining the Master's Degree
24 (twenty-four) months

  • The student must take 09 subjects, which corresponds to 36 credits, being that:
    • 04 (four) credits in compulsory discipline in the concentration area;
    • 12 (twelve) credits in methodological disciplines;
    • 8 (eight) credits in specific disciplines of the research line;
    • 12 (twelve) credits in elective courses;
  • Thesis defense: 20 credits;
  • Publication of technical-scientific article in two relevant events in the area: 08 credits;
  • Publication of technical-scientific article in Qualis / CAPES journal: 08 credits;

Total credits for titling: 72 credits

Deadline for Obtaining thetitle
Doctorate: 36 (thirty six) months

Note: Subjects taken with success in Academic or Professional Master's courses, recognized by CAPES, may be taken up to the limit of 20 credits.

Subjects - 2nd semester of 2020

Mandatory Subjects

Fundamentals of Administration and Organizational Networks 4 Prof. Dr. Renato Telles

Elective Subjects

Operations and Supply Networks 4 Prof. Dr. Mauro Vivaldini
Social Perspectives in Networks 4 Profs. Drs. Arnaldo Luiz Ryngelblum e Prof. Dr. Roberto Bazanini
Working Paper Development Studies 4 Profs. Drs. Ana Beatriz e Charbel Jabbour