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In-person lectures – Academic Internationalization – Scholarships Abroad

The Academic Internationalization area will present lectures on study-abroad-opportunities for undergraduate students (traditional / e-learning) and post-graduation ( traditional / e-learning) of UNIP who study in the campuses of Grande São Paulo.

New dates will be available soon.

Academic Internationalization and Academic Networks Promotion Program

The Academic Internationalization and Academic Networks Promotion Program makes weekly meetings, with students, undergraduate professors, stricto-sensu post-graduation professors, research groups leaders and the technical- administrative body, envisioning the further development of UNIP’s internationalization.

Meetings Calendar:

Month Day Academic Community Schedule
March/20 5 Students  12h30
5 Staff 03h00 PM
12 Professors 03h00 PM
19 Professors / Undergraduate 03h00 PM
26 Research Leaders 04h00 PM
April/20 2 Students 12h30
2 Staff 03h00 PM
9 Professors 03h00 PM
16 Professors / Undergraduate 03h00 PM
23 Research Leaders 04h00 PM
May/20 7 Students 12h30
7 Staff 03h00 PM
14 Professors 03h00 PM
21 Professors / Undergraduate 03h00 PM
28 Research Leaders 04h00 PM
June / 20 4 Students 12h30
03h00 PM
10 Professors 03h00 PM
18 Professors / Undergraduate 03h00 PM
25 Research Leaders 04h00 PM

Place: Academic Internationalization Area – Campus Paraíso - Rua Vergueiro, 1211 – 11st fl - room 1102 – São Paulo.

Interested people must send an email to, with a copy to, with the following information:
Date of interest / full name / RA or functional / course or department / campus / landline or cellphone number ( with DDD code).