Alunos de Mestrado em Odontologia apresentam trabalhos no Annual Meeting on Special Care Dentistry

Durante o 22nd Annual Meeting on Special Care Dentristry, realizado entre de 26 a 28 de março, os alunos do Programa de Mestrado em Odontologia da UNIP, Bruno Caputo e Rafael Souza, orientados pelo professor Élcio Magdalena Giovani, apresentaram os seguintes trabalhos de pesquisa: Adjunct Treatment Of Recurrent Aphthous Ulcer By Low Power Laser Light In A Patient With Hiv InfectionEvaluating The Quality Operative And Pot Operative Exodontias In Patients With Hiv/Aids Using The Low Intensity Laser As A Therapy e Diagnosis And Control Of Self-Medication Practice In Patients Who Are Hiv Positive Or Not Hiv Positive.